400 AI Movie Questions (20pts)

  • Write all answers in your bound journal
  • Make it NEAT and in COMPLETE SENTENCES, and clearly number the questions you are answering.
  • Develop your thought, and be ready to share your answer in class.
  • -2pt if you do not title and date the entry
  • -1pt (per infraction) if you do not clearly number the questions for your responses

Pre-Movie Questions

  • Matrix:
  • Prometheus - David (android)
  • NOW - - AI - a New David
  1. What is our responsibility when creating AI?
  2. How should they be disposed of?
  3. Should they be aware that they are AI?

Movie Questions

  1. How many years do you think it will take before the build a "David?"
  2. What is DAS? would all robots have it?
  3. What are your feelings or impressions about Monica?
  4. Should all AI MECHAs be made aware that they are androids?
  5. Why did they make David with out awareness of himself being MECHA? Was this necessary for his purpose? why/why not?
  6. Would there be "Flesh Fairs" in the future if this level of AI exists?
  7. Who would attend a flesh fair? Would you go to see one? Do you think it is morally wrong? Is it not the same as battle bots (video below)?
  8. What is the connection between David and a furby in regards to the upside down test?
  9. Why would MECHAs have personalities and survival software?
  10. At the Flesh Fair - Teddy was viewed as a toy and not a MECHA, explain why that may be.
  11. What was meant by the MECHA at the Flesh Fair stating "History repeats itself," what was the MECHA eluding to?
  12. Why did David want to be a real boy? Was this a successful part of his programming?
  13. Why did the announcer at the flesh fair quote John 8:7, did it make sense in that context?
  14. (4pts) Using the video below, tie "Joe's speech" back into the Prometheus movie.
  15. (3pts) Using the video below, Prof Hobby at Cybertronics defends David's humanity, give your evidence to either support or refute his claim.




Joe's Speech to David