1101 Coherence - String Theory

  • Write all answers in your bound journal
  • Make it NEAT and in COMPLETE SENTENCES, and clearly number the questions you are answering.
  • Develop your thought, and be ready to share your answer in class.
  • -2pt if you do not title and date the entry
  • -1pt (per infraction) if you do not clearly number the questions for your responses
  1. What is String Theory?
  2. Do you believe in String Theory?
  3. What do you think you would be like in a parallel universe?
  4. Are you the good self or bad self, How would you know?
  5. If you found that you other self had a better life that you, what would you do to switch places with them?
  6. Do you believe in fate?
  7. Give an example of how fate was portrayed in the movie?
  8. Which character did you feel the most sorry for and why?
  9. Which character did you dislike the most and why?
  10. Did you like or dislike this movie and why?
  11. How does this relate to this Rick and Morty episode?
  12. What is Schrödinger's cat? How does it relate to the coherence movie?

  Coherence Movie