1601 Existentialism - Fantastic Planet (30pts)

  • Write all answers in your bound journal
  • Make it NEAT and in COMPLETE SENTENCES, and clearly number the questions you are answering.
  • Develop your thought, and be ready to share your answer in class.
  • -2pt if you do not title and date the entry
  • -1pt (per infraction) if you do not clearly number the questions for your responses
  1. What is existentialism?
  2. Who came up with the existentialism movement?
  3. What event brought existentialism to prominence?
  4. What is the unifying problem in existentialism?
  5. Explain this passage in your own terms, and relate it to religion.
  6. What are the 3 questions of the human condition?
  7. What is an essence?
  8. Will Human beings face an existential crisis when it builds its first (GAI) Generalized Artificial Intelligence?
  9. What would happen to us, when we are no longer at the Apex of intelligence, Strength and Culture?
  10. What is an analogy?
(20pts) Explain how the movie "Fantastic Planet" could be an analogy for GAI's interaction with human beings, use parts of the film to draw possible comparisons. Use characters, scenes, machines, mechanisms, etc. to illustrate your point.

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