1500 NoseDive - (16pts)

  • Write all answers in your bound journal
  • Make it NEAT and in COMPLETE SENTENCES, and clearly number the questions you are answering.
  • Develop your thought, and be ready to share your answer in class.
  • -2pt if you do not title and date the entry
  • -1pt (per infraction) if you do not clearly number the questions for your responses

Netflix: Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1

  1. What if your "likes" meant everything?
  2. Are we constantly faking it?
  3. Why do you post on social media?
  4. Are you posting for on social media for "likes" and "upvotes"?
  5. How do your feel when your posts are ignored by your friends?
  6. Is this imprisonment by consent?
  7. Explain the title in regard to the movie.
  8. Explain the "why" of the ending.
  9. Write a short synopsis to the video below (thanks to Tony Lin) and how it applies to Nosedive