Nephilum and the Sons of Adam






Romans 12:19 - "Vengeance is Mine . . .
saith the Lord.”








and the "Sons of Adam"
are his instrument of destruction....









In the beginning, before the dawn of time as we know it, there existed a celestial realm where angels dwelled in harmony under the watchful gaze of God. Among these celestial beings were the Nephilim, a powerful race born of the union between angels and mortals. They possessed great strength and wisdom, and their presence was revered by both heaven and earth.

However, as the eons passed, the Nephilim began to stray from the path of righteousness. They grew arrogant and ambitious, desiring power and dominion over all creation. Led by their pride, they waged war against the heavenly host, seeking to claim the throne of God for themselves.

God, in His infinite wisdom, watched as the Nephilim fell from grace, their hearts consumed by darkness and rebellion. With a heavy heart, He cast them out of the celestial realm, banishing them to the depths of the earthly realm where they would wander as outcasts, forever separated from His divine presence.

The fallen Nephilim, now devoid of their former glory, roamed the earth like lost souls, their once majestic wings tainted by the stain of sin. They became the stuff of legends and myths, whispered about in hushed tones by mortals who feared their power and malice.

Yet, despite their exile, the Nephilim refused to surrender to their fate. They plotted and schemed, seeking ways to regain their former glory and overthrow the heavens once more. But each attempt only served to deepen their fall, as their hearts grew colder and their souls darker with every act of defiance.

Meanwhile, in the celestial realm, God's angels mourned the loss of their brethren, lamenting the tragedy of their downfall. They prayed for redemption for the fallen Nephilim, hoping that one day they would find their way back to the light. time wore on, their pride turned to resentment as they witnessed God's favor toward mankind. Enraged by this perceived injustice, the Nephilim, consumed by bitterness and envy, turned their formidable powers to create abominable creatures, twisted mockeries of God's design, in a futile attempt to defy and challenge His authority. Their hearts blackened with hatred, they sought to inflict upon God the pain they felt in their souls, blinded by their own hubris and unable to see the folly of their rebellion against the divine order.

In the wake of the devastating war between man and the Nephilim, the Sons and Daughters of Adam rose as guardians of God's creation, determined to cleanse the land of the abominations spawned by the fallen angels. Armed with faith, courage, and a deep reverence for the natural order, they embarked on a perilous quest to hunt down and eradicate every trace of the Nephilim's corrupt influence. Through tireless perseverance and unwavering devotion, they traversed the scarred landscapes, confronting monstrous creatures and dark forces with unwavering resolve. With each victory, they restored a fragment of God's perfect design, reclaiming the earth for humanity and ushering in an era of renewal and hope. And though their journey was fraught with danger and sacrifice, the Children of Adam remained steadfast in their mission, guided by the belief that through their actions, they were fulfilling the divine mandate to protect and preserve the sanctity of God's creation..